Breaking the Law Planting Veggies

Photo courtesy of The Detroit News

Have you been following this story? A couple in Oak Park, Michigan, decided to grow a vegetable garden in their front yard after they had to tear up the lawn to fix a pipe. Neighbors complained that the the garden didn’t meet their standards, and the county threatened with 93 days of jail time if the couple didn’t remove it.

Oak Park finally dropped the charges, but the issue is not resolved. The county could come back, and they certainly could treat another homeowner the same way.

Can I ask the basic question? What is wrong with this county? Ban a vegetable garden? It’s absurd to me. Our terrace is surrounded by fruit and vegetable plants, and it’s beautiful. Beyond the sight of the garden, times are tough right now. Why would anyone stand in the way of allowing someone to plant their own foods? I would instead congratulate them. They’ve made a smart decision for their wallets and their health.

For the record, I would like to commend Northern Virginia, and in particular Arlington County and Alexandria for offering a number of community gardens where residents can grow fruits and vegetables. In fact, Alexandria officials even planted vegetable gardens in underserved neighborhoods last year.

Oak Park Officials: You need to check out our neighborhood. It’s time to embrace the veggies.

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