A Vegan in the Tour de France

It had to happen one day. On Saturday David Zabriskie will be the first athlete to ride the Tour de France as a vegan. Well, almost. These guys burn something like 8,000 calories a day, and Dave was advised to eat a little bit of salmon twice a week to help keep his iron counts up.

With grueling rides covering 3,430.5 km of road including 9 mountain climbs, if Dave needs that little boost of salmon this year during the Tour, I’m fine with it. For the edification of all vegan endurance athletes (or athletes who want to be vegan) though, I hope that down the road Dave and his advisors find a way to make his diet completely plant-based.

Interestingly, his team doctors and friends thought he was crazy for turning to a plant-based diet this year, but Dave has done his best riding since making the switch, and he says he’s never felt better. Why am I not surprised?

Tom and I weren’t sure which team to cheer on this year, but since Tom rides a Cervélo, we both love our Garmins, and now we learn that the team has a vegan on it, we’re 100% Garmin-Cervélo fans. Should be another fun Tour.

If you want to read more about Dave’s story and see what he eats to stay strong, click here.

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