About me


Tracy Krulik is a writer, animal lover and health fanatic, with a propensity towards random humor.

There’s no way around it. I have to thank Cancer for my writing career.

I was sick for nearly a decade before a doctor figured out in 2007 that a malignant tumor on my pancreas had been the root cause all along. I’d share the details about what came next, but I could honestly write a book about it.

Actually, I did just that in 2011 and discovered that not only do I love to write, but people also seem to enjoy reading my words. Thus, after years as a fundraiser and musician, a new career was born.

Unfortunately, marketing a book about cancer means that you spend your waking hours reading, writing, and talking about that nasty disease, and I couldn’t bear to live in that world. So, I parted ways with my agent and publisher and focused on writing articles about ANYTHING BUT ME.

Most of those stories, which turned out to be features about lifestyle, real estate, exercise, careers, and–my favorite of all– pets, have been for The Washington Post and Washington Post Express I’ve also written for publications including the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ magazine Chronicle of the Dog, The Bark magazine, and the online community Rewire Me.

My husband, Tom Dillickrath, and I live in northern Virginia with our sweet little beagle Emma. Tom and I have taken a crash course this year on rehabbing puppy-mill rescues, because Emma was a caged breeder before we found her at the North Shore Animal League. She came with all kinds of physical and mental health issues. With a lot of hard work, patience, and tons of love, Emma has adjusted to her spoiled-rotten new life (Yes, she does have her own massage therapist.), and has inspired me to enroll in Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers. I hope to help many other rescues become as happy and healthy as Emma.

My book I Have Cancer. And I’ve Never Felt Better!  is available in paperback and on Kindle.

For more information, email me at tkrulik@tracykrulik.com.