Best. Cookbook. Ever.

Have I mentioned that I love Jack Bishop’s cookbook A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen?

As you can see from the picture, I use this cookbook all the time. In fact, it’s time to pay Jack a little more money and buy a second book, because this one is falling apart. I gave up on the jacket years ago, as it was just battered, but now the pages are also falling out. That’s not poor binding; that’s pure love.

Yesterday the Washington Post featured Jack and his brilliant cookbook in an article on cooking tofu. (Thank you, Tommie, for pointing the article out to me. I was so excited to read reviews of The Biggest Loser yesterday morning that I forgot to read the Food Section.) Brilliant move WaPo. You’ve finally stumbled upon the Best. Cookbook. Ever.

You can find a few of Jack’s recipes in the WaPo article, and I’ve also posted a few here, here, and here.


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