Fighting Cancer One Vegetable at a Time… and Winning!

One more delicious plant-based dinner.

By shuttling back and forth to cancer centers for the last four years we’ve done a great job watching the little tumors inside of me, but I have been worried that we were neglecting the rest of me. I had hoped that my primary care doctor could give me a proper physical once a year, but she has been so inundated with patients, that I’ve only been able to see her for allergies and colds. I needed more.

So Tom and I did some sleuthing and learned about concierge medicine, where we could pay a fee to go to a doctor with a limited practice who would have the time to take care of us. As I am in a daily fight for my life with cancer living inside of me, Tom and I agreed that concierge medicine was worth the price. We selected Partner MD in McLean, Virginia, and yesterday I got the results from my first physical with our new doctor, Sandy Ibrahim.

Dr. Ibrahim was able to report to me that my mission to build my body into a cancer-fighting fortress is paying off. My liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, you name it are working perfectly. I have a few itches here and there so I’m still human, but overall my health is fantastic. I have malignant tumors still living inside of me, and yet I have never been better!

I keep saying it: I’ll be just fine cohabitating with Cancer so long as it doesn’t try to mess with my health again. In the meantime, I’m going to continue eating my plant-based diet and exercising like a maniac to make it extremely difficult for Cancer to get that strong foothold ever again.

Oh, and once more for good measure: Eff you, Cancer!

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