Growing Meat in a Petri Dish–Yuck!

In the May 23rd edition of The New Yorker, Michael Specter shares his insights on meat grown in labs, known as “cultured meat.” For me, I prefer to call it “What The F*%#!”

I understand that the inspiration for cultured meat comes from a good place: why slaughter animals when we can grow the meat in labs? But how much farther can we push the boundaries on the food we consume? Friends who, like me, have been afflicted with cancer number into the double digits, and most of us are not even 40-years-old yet.

Why are we all so sick? My guess is that it’s a combination of tainted water, too much meat, microwave ovens, cell phones, plastic food containers, chemicals and preservatives in food, processed foods, tainted drywall in our homes, lead in our paint… This list could go on for days.

Mark Bittman said it well a few months ago. We need to eat real food— vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans. I’m sure many a scientist will tell us that these cultured meats once produced will pose no harm to humans, but remember, just because the government says food is safe to consume does not mean that it actually is. It simply means that the scientists haven’t yet learned all the long-term effects. Are you willing to gamble with your health?

Grow meat in a lab? Come on. WTF!

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