Ho Ho Cocoa!

Back in the day (read: prior to May 2011) when I was a mere vegetarian and still drank dairy products, my daily afternoon treat was a nice cuppa cocoa. I’m a chocolate addict, and I thought I needed all the gobs of protein in the milk, so hot cocoa seemed like the perfect snack to hold me over until dinner time — which it did.

Then in May I watched Forks Over Knives and learned that casein, the protein in cow’s milk, can fuel certain cancers. Bye bye, Cocoa.

Until now!

Yesterday, to celebrate Tommie’s birthday (Happy Birthday to the best hubby ever!), we decided to try a dairy-free cocoa cooked in some almond milk.  We were both a bit wary, as we’ve tried this in the past and had to spit the vile brew out, but because the chocolate was made by Lake Champlain, my favorite cocoa company, we thought there was a chance it would be tasty.


It was possibly the best cocoa I’ve ever had. The cocoa is Lake Champlain’s Old World Drinking Chocolate made with unsweetened almond milk. The end result is two 4-ounce cups, which I thought would be too small but turns out to be perfect, because the chocolate is so dark and rich. Both of us cleaned out any remnants in the mugs with our fingers and thought longingly about the next cup in our future.

Being a chocolate addict, and my past history of hot cocoa every day, I told Tommie that he was the Keeper of the Cocoa. It’s up to him how often I’m allowed to drink the stuff. He decided that once a week would be acceptable. So I made a mental note of the day in order to not let one extra day go by before I could get another fix.

If you are looking for an indulgence this holiday season, and if you love The Chocolate, then look no further. I have discovered ambrosia.

Note: Remember how I declared myself a nutritarian the other day and said that I fuel my body with the most nutrient dense foods possible? This is not one of them. I enjoy sweets as much as the next guy, but my sweets have become treats rather than the norm now.

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