Milk Substitutes and Me

In case you missed it, after six years of being a vegetarian I turned vegan this month. Not a big deal. I was really close to being a vegan, eating no eggs and just having milk and a little cheese, so I just closed off the milk and cheese. I actually feel fabulous and have lost a couple pounds simply by eating small plates of delicious vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains.

Going vegan seemed impossible to me in the past, because every time I tried a milk substitute I felt like crap. After living life for nine years with an evil tumor on my pancreas, I want to feel super healthy all the time and shun anything that might make me sick. That includes people with colds, BTW. Can you guys keep your icky germs away from me?

I’ve figured out that it’s not the soy, nor almonds, nor coconuts that make me feel sick, it’s the sweeteners the manufactures put into the soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. Enter Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday brand unsweetened milk substitutes. Finally! I’ve tried both their soy milk and almond milk, and while the vanilla-flavored versions acted as, well, laxatives for me, the unsweetened versions come with no side effect.

Thanks, Whole Foods, for remembering that some of us still do go au natural!

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