T. Colin Campbell on Bill Maher

Did you get a chance to watch Dr. Colin Campbell on “Real Time with Bill Maher” last week? Though not his best interview, Dr. Campbell still made a few comments that even surprised me.

To review, Dr. Campbell co-authored the book The China Study, which presents research that correlates consumption of animal protein with diseases such as cancer and heart disease. He is also featured in the recently released documentaries Forks Over Knives and Chow Down.

You can view the eight-minute video yourself, but I thought I’d share a few highlights.

  • On whether humans need meat and dairy in their diet– Dr. Campbell said that the jury is still out on that issue. There are still those who believe we do, but he doesn’t buy it. From his research, he’s found that humans are far healthier without consuming animal proteins.
  • On the famous “Food Pyramid”– Dr. Campbell’s exact words: “It’s a joke.” His candor here really surprised me. He continued on to say that we cannot trust the government and experts to give us the best information on food and health. He’s seen too many instances where politics trumped science. Scary stuff.
  • On the meaning of “whole food”– “The way nature provides it.” Taking natural sugar and combining it with processed flour and oil? That’s not a whole food, “that’s a donut.” 🙂
  • On why the film is named “Forks Over Knives”– I’d say I’m a moron for not understanding the title, but Bill Maher was on the same page as me. (Maybe we’re both morons?) We thought the forks represented eating plant-based foods and the knives were for cutting meat. Nope. The knives represent scalpels. Get it? Eat the right foods so that you don’t have to go under the knife.


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  1. Karen Kalicka says:

    Hey Tracy,

    Yeah I did catch that interview. Thought was pretty interesting. Kinda scary, you really don’t know who to believe these days!

  2. Tracy Krulik says:

    So true. I liked it when he said that we have to trust ourselves. I have a friend from the Ukraine who told me that she thinks Americans in some ways have less freedoms. Where she’s from people don’t trust the government so they question everything. Here we know we are free, so we trust what we hear. It’s an interesting take. We definitely have to be more skeptical when we are told that something is safe to eat, for instance. It usually means the our scientists have not proven that it’s not safe to eat, but that does not mean it actually is.

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