Warning: This Post Could Save Your Life

Just got home from watching the newly released documentary Forks Over Knives, and as healthy as I have eaten over the past few years, I can tell you that my diet is about to reach a new level of nutritiousness. I’m in the battle of my life — literally — living with cancer cells and tumors taking up residence in my body, and my diet and exercise are my weapons of choice.

Forks Over Knives expounds upon the message that T. Colin Campbell presented in his fascinating book The China Study, which tells us that a whole-foods, plant-based diet can prevent and reverse diseases. Dr. Campbell says over and over in the film that animal protein can turn cancer on, and without it, we can turn cancer off.

I’ll tell you that I’m a believer. In 2007 my internist called with results of a CT scan of my pancreas to compare with one that had been taken in 2004. His exact words were, “Tracy, the mass that was on your pancreas two and a half years ago is still there. I don’t believe it’s cancer though, because it appears to be smaller now.”

As it turned out, I did have cancer, and the tumor on my pancreas was malignant, but how could the tumor be smaller in 2007? We can’t know for certain why, but something in my life changed in 2005 that might explain it:

I became a vegetarian.

After the primary tumor was finally removed from my pancreas in 2007, my oncologist believed that I would need to undergo radiation or chemotherapy in order to slow down the growth of the disease, but without any treatments, every subsequent scan has shown that my disease has been at worst stopped in its tracks, and at best reversing. I believe that my diet and exercise are the reason.

Please go see this movie. It’s only an hour and thirty minutes. I lie on a table completely still for about three hours two to four times a year while a scanner searches my body for cancer. Trust me on this: you will be much happier taking the time to watch the movie rather than becoming a fixture in a cancer center.

Local friends: when the movie comes out on DVD, Tom and I will be hosting a party to screen the movie and eat gobs of delicious, healthy food.

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