Why I Became a Vegetarian

Poplar SpringsI love animals. That’s why I’m a vegetarian. Simple as that.

About six or seven years ago my love for animals became so overwhelming that I was finding it harder and harder to eat meat. Tom felt the same way, and so we decided to try eating meat-free meals a couple of times a week. Over time we realized that we really preferred those meals.

While we were making this switch, we were also struggling to find out why I was having more and more digestive problems, and so I said I’d become a vegetarian so long as it didn’t make me more sick. If I could find a healthy way to eat that wouldn’t harm another life, why wouldn’t I make that choice?

Here I am years later, and I haven’t once questioned my decision. I’m enjoying a rainbow of delicious foods that are fueling my body to be stronger than I  have ever been in my life. Without medical intervention my immune system is strong enough now to fight the cancer on its own, and I am convinced that my whole foods, plant-based diet in conjunction with gobs of exercise, is making me so strong.

Most of my friends eat meat. Most Americans eat meat. Many of my friends are overweight and unhealthy, and something like one third of all Americans are the same. I know that I’m not going to change the world, or even change too many minds, but here’s some food for thought:

If you could eat delicious food that makes you feel and look amazing and can help you reduce many of the medicines you need to take, while at the same time save the lives of helpless animals, wouldn’t you want to do this? Would you consider at least trying this?

I’ll help if you want to give it a try. Your body, your taste buds, and countless animals will thank you.

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